Let us provide you information concerning our working schedule during
New Year holidays in China.
1. Our cargo agents accept shipments until January 10th. Customs won't
work from 23 to 31 January. As a result, there may be delays on the delivery stage.
2. Factories accept orders until December 25–30, goods orders are issued
until January 5–10.
3. The office in China is open until January 10-13, your managers stay in
touch with you to resolve operational issues.
Due to the restrictions associated with the epidemiological situation in
China, there may be interruptions in the availability of goods stored on warehouses
in China.
For the above reasons, we recommend that you place and approve your
orders, as well as provide them with an advance payment, until December 25th.
Note that orders placed and put into operation after December 25 may not be
shipped completely due to a temporary decrease in the productivity of factories.
Our work will resume as usual:
1. Cargo agents start accepting shipments for delivery from February 4th.
2. Factories resume work from February 1.
3. The office will return to work in early February.