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Company F2 Group LTD intermediary between manufacturers of electronic components and accessories for mobile phones in China and wholesale stores in other countries since 2005.

Our warehouses , which are located in China,  allow us to optimise cargo logistics, control the quality of purchased components, keep competitive low prices. Particular attention is paid to quality control of purchased spare parts for mobile phones. We are the company, that always offers novelties, as well as several types of qualities from copies to originals. 

Our customers are wholesale bases, retail stores and networks, as well as large service centres that need regular supplies of spare parts for cell phones and accessories. For our clients we offer the simplest procurement process, the current price list, the maximum possible wide assortment, the list of novelties and price changes, several payment and delivery options.

Our main office is in Hong Kong at RM.19C, Lockhart CTR., 301-307 Lockhart RD., Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

The functional office and warehouse are located in China, in Guangzhou City at:

广州市荔湾区沿江西路61号誉田国3313电话 +86 188 19813430

China, Guangdong province, Guangzhou city, ZIP Code 510130,  Li Wan District, No.61 YanJiangXi Road, YuTian Internation, 3/F, 313

Tel : +86 188 1981 3430

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