Warranty & Returns

Warranty & Returns

We believe that you will be pleased with your purchase from F2 Group LTD. However, there might be chances when you need to return items to us. So what can we do when we meet this situation? Let us check below.

Items Damaged in Transit

If items were visibly damaged on receipt, we kindly ask you to support us by accepting the parcel and contacting us within 7 working days, as well as providing us with the proof as following:

1. Photos of the front and back sides of the packaging box

2. Photo, video, screenshot of the defective item

3. Photo, video, screenshot of the defect or defective area

Our sales manager will communicate with you for further information.


Repair Policy in Warranty Period

If any of your purchases is defective, and it's no more than 1 year since receipt, you are entitled to a warranty repair, please kindly provide us with proof as below: pictures, videos to show the product now is defective. After informing us of the information and getting confirmation from us, you can send the items back for repairment. 

Before sending back, please note: Keep in mind that it's your responsibility to record and erase all info (e.g. texts, images, ringtones, contacts, etc.) from any phone or other items you return to us. F2 Group LTD is not responsible for any personal info left on a phone and will not guarantee that personal info left on a phone or other items will be erased. Detailed repair policy as below chart.

Un-repairable Situation

1.Unsatisfactory Products 

2.Expired warranty or issues not covered by the Manufacturer’s Warranty.

3.Un-normal defective: 

Water Damage

1) Being dropped in water

2) Rain, fog or mist droplets 

3) Spilling liquid on the phone

Physical Damage

1) Broken LCD screen

2) Damage to housing

3) Broken charging port

4) Warped internal components Man-made damage, such as

a) Irregular operation

b) Dropped from high place

Please email below details to your sales manager's email address  after you send the defective items:

1.Tracking number 

2.Returning back Product list 

3.Fault details for each item

4.Original Order number