How to purchase goods from us


How to purchase goods from us

The way of working with us

  1. Placing an order.
  2. Order negotiation with our managers.
  3. Depositing an advance payment of at least 50%.
  4. The order is being completed.
  5. Final invoice payment.
  6. Transferring the order to any transport company of your choice (the final invoice payment required!).
  7. Waiting for the order to be delivered and its receiving.


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Placing an order

You can place an order on our website or using Excel price list. In some cases, it is possible to place an order via our massagers (give us a message or a call).

The goods are divided into the following major categories: Mobile phones spare parts, Accessories, Repairing equipment, and the New items category, which includes the latest arrivals of the last 30 days. We highly recommend you checking this page from time to time.

If you could not find the item you are looking for in our catalogue, you are welcome to send us the photos, description, required amount and price – we will quickly respond to your request.


Price formation

We suggest several pricing categories depending on the type of the client.

The unregistered users deal with the price for small services when looking through the catalogue. You shall sign up an account and contact our manager to see the big/small wholesales or big/small services prices on our website or in the Excel catalogue.

As a thank you to those clients who pay the full sum of their order as an advance payment, we provide a discount to the personal category of prices.


- Small services / New client – price category for trial orders and occasional orders of small amounts;

- Big services – available for regular customers, one-time order amount is 50,000 to 90,000 yuan;

- Small wholesales – applied to regular customers from marketplaces and customers whose regular one-time orders are in amounts from 90,000 to 120,000 yuan;

- Big wholesales – the total amount of monthly orders is 500,000-1,000,000 yuan.

- Крупный опт – сумма ежемесячных заказов 500 000–1 000 000 юаней.

Custom pricing available for large orders. A specific price is applied to items that are searched according to your special requirements, as well as for the customized ones.


Decrease and adjustment of prices

You may request the adjustment of prices for some items categories in case of changing the amount, quality and packing-list of the goods. For example, let us consider cell phone headset earphone with mic and package. You may request a discount by removing the mic and the package from the packing-list.

Note! F2 Group LTD reserves the right to change the prices of products listed on the website and price lists at any time, as well as to correct occasional errors in prices. In case of finding anything wrong, F2 Group LTD notifies the customer and negotiates on the deal at the changed price. In case of refusal, we just cancel the order and refund the deposit.


Order alignment according to MOQ

MOQ (minimum order quantity) is the smallest amount of an item that is possible to be ordered. It depends on the factory packaging or manufacture conditions. MOQ is stated in the product name or in the item description on the site.


Methods of payment (deposit and full payment)

  1. Transport companies that deliver goods from China. They might help pay for the goods to suppliers in China
  2. Chinese banks – by transfer between residents of China from the card of a natural person to the card of another natural person.
  3. Direct Swift transfer – transfer to a bank account in China.
  4. Cryptocurrency (USDT).


Estimated order lead time

Lead time for spare parts orders is 3-5 business days, for accessories – 2-14 business days. It may also take more time for some accessories to be prepared for shipment.

At the time of completing your order, some items may not be available in our warehouse or from suppliers. That is why we reserve the right to work on your order excluding such items.

We sent orders from F2 Group LTD warehouse daily. You will receive an e-mail notification with the documents for the shipped goods, shipping cost and lot number after we have handed over your order to the transport company.

Storage of the goods that were not sent is fee-based - a day costs $10 for one spot in our warehouse.


Delivery methods

We suggest several ways of delivering goods from China. The major ones are air, road freight and railway transportation. They differ in the pricing and the delivery speed.

You are free to choose the delivery service and method that you require, depending on the weight and value of the goods.


Shipping cost

The cost of delivery depends on the method of transportation, the density of the load and the pricing policy of the shipping company.

You can find out the final cost and the exact delivery time after the order is ready, when the exact size of the load and the method of transportation are known.



Note! It is the transport company that delivers your order who is responsible for the safety of the shipment during delivery.

The transport company is also responsible for the speed of delivery and the fulfillment of all shipping terms.


Picking up the shipment

Cargo insurance and compensation for possible damage depends on the weight. When sending an order, the cost of one kg is fixed (for example, in a shipment worth $1000 and weighing 10 kg, the cost of 1 kg will be $100). In case of partial or complete loss of the order, the carrier company reimburses the cost of the lost weight (for example, upon receipt of a load weighing 10 kg and costing $1000, only 7.5 kg were received. The amount of compensation will be $100*2.5 kg = $250). When calculating the compensation, the filling of the weight does not matter.

The procedure for receiving the order:

  1. Carefully examine the boxes for possible damage to the integrity of the packaging. If there is any damage, be sure to fix it on a photo or video.
  2. Weigh the box with additional packaging and fix the weight on a photo or video. Check the weight with the info given by shipping company when the order is handed over for transportation.
  3. If there is a lost in filling of the load, send us the information about the lost weight with photo or video confirmation. You can apply to the shipping company with a claim on your own, as the recipient of the load.


Warranty and terms of returning

All products are guaranteed for 180 days, and iPhone displays for 360 days. The exchange is made by delivery to China, provided that the warranty seals and stamps are intact, and also if the product does not show signs of installation, soldering, disassembly and other interventions in the product structure. Items of the USED category are not covered by the warranty.

Details for sending defective goods (we recommend printing on A4 sheet and sticking it to the box with transparent tape).



Room 1705, 17th Floor, New Century Building, 2-6 Binjiang West Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong province, China, ZIP Code 510130.

Tel :13129766206

Name: 张立慧 (zhang li hui)

You are required to put the list of goods (name, quantity) in the box with the defective items and duplicate this list to our e-mail. Also, please do not forget to state the reason for the return, so that we could quickly and clearly exchange your items and draft the report on the exchange.

We wish you a successful shopping experience.