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QianLi iSocket Motherboard Test Platform PCB Mainboard Holder iPhone XS/XS MAX (主板测试架)

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iSocket iphone XS /XS MAX Jig is an professional iPhone XS/XS MAX Board diagnostic Test Fixture, iphone XS/XS MAX board iSocket test fixture is used for testing whether the double-stacked logic board (upper / lower ) works well before reassembly, you don't need to repeatly disassemble and reassemble the Double Layers Logic Board because of necessary repair operation. The iSocket Jig testing tool will be the best assistant for professional iPhone XS/XS Max motherboard repair.



1. Mini design, easy to carry.

2. Special Premium quality material

3. Preferred needle plate quality

4. High precision for holding iPhone XS/XS Max motherboard

5. Advanced inspection to avoid any damage because of repeated disassembly and installation

6. Easy to use, connect the upper and lower layer of iPhone iPhone XS/XS Max motherboard for fast testing.

Brand QianLi
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