Programmer Tool JC PRO1000S Dot Matrix Read Module Mold iPhone Face ID Not Working X-11Pro Max Face Dot Matrix Flex Cable Read Encrypted Data


1. Must be connected with JC Pro1000s and dot matrix flex cables to use.

2. Please Contact Us for confirmation , which models of flex cable you want.


JC dot matrix detection module for iphone ipad Face Testing Repair



Support: X-11Pro Max / iPad A12X

Support to check if the face dot matrix

is normal, and the functions like fuse,

NTC disconnected, I2C disconnected,

short circuit etc.


Support dot matrix encrypted data read & backup,

the burning function will be opened in future.


Repair the dot matrix face inaccurate positioning problem

The original chip encrypted data needs to be read.

Категория товара Equipment
Группа товара Testers and programmers
Manufacturer JC
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